shopa shopping cart & b2b features

Features - Set-Up

  • Easy set up
  • No installation discs
  • Full web based store administration
  • Ongoing tech support
  • No design skills required
  • No programming skills required
  • Built in help files
  • Flexible - add modules to your website as needed
  • Full site training

Features - Products

  • Inventory control
  • Featured products and Specials
  • Related products
  • Hide or show product
  • Rich text editor
  • Multi level customer permissions
  • Product reports
  • Category reports
  • Automatic image resizing & compression
  • Product duplication
  • Stock level control alerts
  • Multiple price levels (RRP, Wholesale etc)
  • Global or individual product on sale
  • Upload multiple images (gzip)
  • Upload multiple products (CSV)
  • Promotional Codes - powerful & flexible (new)
  • Gift Vouchers - Automated or manual  (new)
  • Virtual Product Capabilities - (new)

Features - Search Engine Optimisation

  • Auto HTML page generation
  • Title Tags with keywords
  • Meta Tags for every product and page
  • Search Engine friendly URLs
  • Sitemap for categories and pages
  • Google sitemap
  • Editable browser title tags
  • URL's with underscores or hyphens
  • Google maps
  • Google analytics - goals - funnel visualisation - conversion rate

Features - Hosting

  • Dedicated servers
  • 24x7 Telco Centre monitoring
  • Guaranteed 99.85% uptime
  • Advanced security monitoring
  • Multiple power source backups
  • Complete site isolation
  • Server back-up daily
  • Multiple daily site backups on request

Features – Shipping and GST

  • Integration with shipping and couriers
  • Tailor shipping to size, weight, location or flat rate
  • Switch on/off GST items
  • Auto-reply confirmation e-mail
  • User friendly shipping matrixes
  • Automatically calculate drop shipping
  • Multiple shipping options

Features – Payment Options

  • Accept credit cards & paypal with online payment
  • Offline credit card processing
  • Cheques, money orders and direct debit
  • COD
  • Charge account
  • Secure tranasctions
  • Editable orders/enquiries
  • Multiple order processing

Features – Direct Email Marketing

  • All customer data is stored in database
  • Customer profiles and order history
  • Real-time order tracking for customers
  • Mailing list opt in or out
  • Form builder
  • Survey form builder
  • Import export mailing lists
  • Custom templates design
  • DIY template design
  • Add dynamic content (product specials etc)

Features – Site Statistics

  • Site traffic reports
  • Product popularity reports
  • Search engine success reports
  • Search string reports
  • Failed checkout item reports
  • Sales reports
  • Customer sales reports
  • Google analytics "optional"

Features – Service and Support

  • Order history stored in database
  • Live order tracking
  • Auto reply confirmation email
  • Repeat customer recognition
  • Express checkout
  • Password protected admin section
  • Online help file
  • Contact phone number 8.00am - 6.00pm Mon - Fri EST
  • Full site training

Features – Database and Security

  • Full HTTPS/SSL support
  • Password protected logins
  • Activity logs
  • Linux servers running PHP5 and MySQL
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Customised email template design
Create your own email templates
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Direct email marketing
Full website statistics
Order tracking and processing
Powerful shipping calculator
Search engine optimisation
Secure hosting environment
Capture customer details for marketing